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The Secrets to Supercharged Sex!

High-octane sex, anyone?
by Ronjay Eduvas | Oct 15, 2012
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Very few of us are as lucky as the African soldier whose penis was preserved for posterity by the French doctor Jacobus X. Barely 20 years of age, the guy had a tool that was 11 3⁄4 inches long and almost three inches in diameter. “This unfortunate soldier who possessed this 'spike' could not find a Negress large enough to receive him with pleasure and he was the object of terror to all the feminine sex,” author Richard Zacks said in his book An Underground Education.

Without the gift of a huge schlong, most of us are left with a huge imagination to use in bed. That and an open, adventurous spirit—trying something new sex-wise takes both partners. So here’s some expert advice that even Google can’t help you track so easily. Show this list to your lover and see what combination of sauces the two of you can come up with to make your flagging sex life come back to full mast.

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