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FHM Presents: The Sexiest Place To Get Laid

Sure, sex is great anywhere, but the simple truth is you and your woman will always go back to your homiest&nbsp;spot: the bedroom.&nbsp;<em>FHM</em> teaches you how to spruce it up!
by Cia Juan | Oct 5, 2014
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Sure, sex is great anywhere, but the simple truth is you and your woman will always go back to your homiest spot: the bedroom. But don't simply look at it as a bunker where you get naughty. Let FHM show you how transform your love cave into the ultimate sex place ever!

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Here’s how to spruce it up...


At the outset, “a good mattress looks pleasant, is clean, comfy, and, more important, it has to address your specific needs in bed,” says Dindo Medina, sales director of Uratex Philippines. These specific needs being...

A mattress that isn’t gooshy
“If you want more action, your mattress should be firm and bouncy so it enhances motion and fights back to resist extreme pressure and weight in certain areas.”

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…Or rock solid
“On the other hand, if you want comfort, there’s a memory foam mattress that has zero bounce, conforms to your body, and minimizes pressure so you won’t feel body pains after being in a certain position for a long time.”

But large and edgy
“Of course the bigger your playground, the better. But it’s also important to have edge support—where the edge of the mattress is harder than the rest of the foam, so the couple won’t fall off the bed. Edge support also increases your play area because you won’t have to avoid the edge of the bed for fear that you’ll fall.”

How to upgrade your bed: 

"Bakit ba ayaw mo sa kutson ko?"

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 Consider temperature
“If you want to cool down after a steamy session, there’s also a gel foam that relaxes and cools the body by two degrees Celsius.” 

Made up of more than one material, and can withstand abuse
“In general, of course, you want a high-density foam for durability so that whatever you do— whether you jump from a cabinet or concentrate in just one area—your mattress can withstand any abuse. You can actually mix and match different materials into one mattress to suit your needs, if you ask for it.”

And  don’t forget the headboard
“The headboard is an important [often overlooked] accessory. It should be padded to minimize injuries.”

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Illustration Boisei Malicdem
From FHM's September 2014 issue
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