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The Unstoppable

A look into the lives of four girls who&rsquo;ve gone through the hard times and lived to tell the tale<br /><br />
| Aug 30, 2011
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My boyfriend and I were scheduled for a “bout” one rainy afternoon. Unfortunately, all of his family members were at home so we couldn’t use his room. We headed to our favorite motel even if typhoon Chedeng was still up in the Metro. It was raining cats and dogs and the area was really flooded. My boyfriend’s lowered and down-piped car couldn’t make it to the motel, so we tried to find another motel on the other side but to no avail.

We had no choice but to go back to his house and forget about the “hot fight” that we’d been impatiently waiting for. When we arrived at his house, his dad and grandma were watching TV in the living room. We went straight inside his room and saw his sister sleeping on the bed right next to his bed, so we left the door slightly closed. We decided to just sleep and cuddle instead. Soon we realize we couldn’t stop the urge to make love so we started making out silently since his dad and his grandma could still hear us. We went under the bed sheet, I pulled down my undies and he started playing with my clit. It only made our urge stronger that we needed to take some action that time. I acted to get my phone from the side table by staying on top of him, and pretended to be texting someone all the while. But the best move was how my boyfriend sneakily inserted his dick into my pussy. It felt really breathtaking. We both reached the top without waking up his sister. But then it was still “bitin.” I hated Bagyong Chedeng for that!
Nins S., by email

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