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6 Things You Say During Sex That Instantly Kill Her Mood

You and your big mouth.
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Feb 12, 2016
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Sex is not merely a physical activity; it's also a mental exercise. A research conducted by Durex and concluded that “getting closer on an emotional level is the key to getting closer physically.”

Of the 1,000 participants, 96 percent said the best sex they've ever had is with someone whom they are emotionally connected. The researchers also found out that their respondents' confidence in the sack gets a boost whenever they are with “someone they love,” being made to “feel good about their sexual abilities,” and “when their partner compliments them.”

Hence, what you say during sex can have an effect on your partner's performance and/or pleasure level. A tender, genuine compliment about her body can cause her to go crazy.

On the flipside, say the wrong thing and you can kill her mood faster than a sneeze can snuff out a candle. For the sake of procreation, avoid the following at all cost...

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1) "Be quiet!"

Okay, so you don't want the neighbors to hear how incredible you are in bed. However, telling her to stop moaning just feels tyrannical. She'll stop moaning all right but for the wrong reason: You've turned her off.

What to do: Remind her that there are other people around.

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2) "Shake it!"

She's not a pleasure machine, bro. Objectifying women: not cool.

What to do: If she starts to slow down, it's probably because you've been letting her do all the work. Now's the time to be a man and take control.

3) "Use your muscle control!"

What would you feel if she tells you to pump more blood into your penis?

What to do: She can probably do muscle control. But don't boss her about it during the actual sex, that will only make her feel anxious about her performance. You want her to be at her most relaxed state during sex.

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4) "I forgot to bring a condom!"

This is a dick move. If you're not in the kind of relationship where it's okay for the girl to get pregnant, there's no other way to call this but that.

What to do: Go out and buy a condom.

5) "Not like that..."

No woman likes to be told that her skills are sub-par in the middle of it. And do we need to mention that it's not sexy to have sex education classes while humping?

What to do: Again, if you have something to say about her performance, you should discuss it with your partner while NOT having sex.  

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6) "Are you about to finish?"

First off, there must be a less rude way to say it. Sex isn't a race. So don't ask for an ETA of her orgasm. She'll feel pressured, and you'll both experience less pleasure.

What to do: Remember when we told you that most women are unable to have an orgasm through sexual intercourse alone? So if you really want to make her come, here's an advice: go down on her.


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