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4 Annoying Phrases That Will Piss Off Your Pal's Girlfriend

Avoid these at all costs, unless of course you're trying to irk her on purpose
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Dec 19, 2016
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It's always a struggle to start a conversation with your friend's girlfriend, especially during the first meeting. And because you don't want to appear snobbish or rude, you start-off the dialogue with a joke.

The problem: She may not get your humor. Instead of making her LOL, she might feel annoyed with you.

She may not tell it straight to your face, but in her mind, she's probably bad-mouthing you (or even killing you). So beware guys! Avoid the following phrases below:

1) "Bakit parang iba 'yung kasama niyang babae kagabi?"

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Warning: This is not a good joke, especially if your friend has a history of cheating. You might see her smiling, but deep inside, she's probably wondering if you're telling the truth. The paranoia begins to eat her. 

 2) "Pinagod mo ata 'tong kaibigan ko kagabi…"

Just because your friend looks tired doesn't mean they spent the evening rolling in between the sheets. 

Kat, 24, says: "I always hear that line from my boyfriend's barkada. Honestly, I don't know how to respond. If I laugh, they might assume that they were right about their claim. If sakyan ko naman yung joke, they might think I'm okay sa ganong usapan when I'm not."

Jane, 27, adds: "I can handle sex jokes. I can even crack a few myself, but if someone makes sex jokes durin inappropriate circumstances,  then I’ll probably get offended."

Be careful when dropping this line next time. Remember: Women are very sensitive when talking about sex. Not cool. 

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3) "Pakilala mo naman ako sa kaibigan mo…"

...or "Magdala ka naman ng chicks na barkada mo next time."

If you've known each other for the longest time and she has never introduced you to any of her friends, it's probably because she doesn't see you as boyfriend material.

Ann, 25, says: "I only set up people that I think would be very compatible. I don't randomly set up friends. I look at it like a personal recommendation. If women aren't doing it for you then it's because they think something is wrong with you. Trust me, I've been there."

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Meanwhile, Chelsea, 23, shares that: "I hate the whole 'introduce me to your friends' shit. It makes me feel like I'm making bugaw of my friends. If you want to know my friends, you have to exert some effort so you could take them out on a date."

So work your ass off to get a girl. Don't expect your pal's GF to be your wingwoman.

4) "Wag mo naman masyado higpitan kaibigan ko."

Fine, you are just a loving, concerned friend. But let's be clear here, bro: The rules they've set in their relationship is none of your business. Stay out of it. 

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