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LOOK: Female Instagrammer Uses Fruits To Demonstrate How To Please A Woman

You will not look at fruits the same way ever again
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Aug 9, 2016
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The sexiest thing you'll see on Instagram today isn't Jessy Mendiola, Solenn Heussaff, Arci Muñoz, or any celebrities' bikini photo, but videos of Oakland-based artist Stephanie Sarley fingering, erm, fruits.

In an interview with international news website Daily Dot, Sarley said her "fruit art" started when she began playing with a blood orange handed to her by her boyfriend. "My boyfriend handed me an orange and I just started playing with it, then decided to make a video. The penetration and the blood...I wasn't even aware of those associations," she said.

Most of her next videos followed a pretty similar theme. She has featured lemons, melons, and grapefruits, to name a few. In some of her videos, she pours milk for a "cream-pie effect."


In a separate interview, the artist told The Guardian that she wants her videos to function as an exploration and celebration of female sexuality: "The video is basically about personifying and empowering vaginas through humor and absurdity, and the acceptance of female sexuality at large."

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Here are some more popular videos from her IG:

Now, orange you glad you got to know her and her "methods"? (Sorry, we just had to.)


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