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This Is The Age You'll Have The Best Sex Of Your Life

You're probably still far from it, brother
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jan 11, 2018
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For many, the definition of the “best sex ever" might be subjective, but a recent study says otherwise.

In a survey done by digital research website Happify, they found that there’s a specific age when a person experiences the best sex of his or her life—and that age is 46.

For the study, the researchers asked couples in their 50s and 60s about their sexual history—including when they think they experienced their best, most sensual love-making moment. The experts then found out that majority of the respondents had their most memorable encounters when they reached their 40s. And 46? Well, this was the age that sex for majority of the couples was pretty sizzlin'.

The study also found out that on average, men and women have to wait 13 long years after losing their virginity before they even have the best sex of their lives. Maybe that's why many chose their 40s as the period when they reached their sexual peak.

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Read more about the results by checking the infographic below:

Photo by Happify


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