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This Type Of Foreplay May Be More Beneficial Than You Think

Who knew that a sensual breast massage could be so rewarding?
by Ginyn Noble | Jan 11, 2017
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Boob guys, rejoice. Your favorite foreplay involving the fondling your partner's breasts has been shown to give her great health benefits—on top of feeling good for both of you, of course.

Studies have previously shown how therapeutic breast massages help in the pain management and healing of some patients (like those who have undergone breast surgeries). However, an amazing breast massage, or one that's done even in the absence of pain and other symptoms, has possible health benefits, too.

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For instance, it can help improve blood and lymph flow to the breast tissue, according to Dr. Au Abad-Ramos of Dr. Jesus Delgado Memorial Hospital. This can help in reducing discomfort, especially when those pesky bras keep the breasts caged in all day. It doesn't hurt that breast massages help keep boobs perky, either.

“A breast massage can yield positive effects. It relaxes both the mind and body, improves circulation, and gives breasts firmer shape,” Dr. Abad-Ramos explains.

This special massage may also reduce a woman's risk of developing breast cancer. According to a study from UC Berkeley and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, “mechanical forces alone can revert and stop the out-of-control growth of cancer cells.” Principal investigator Daniel Fletcher, professor of bioengineering at Berkeley and faculty scientist at the Berkeley Lab further explains: “An early signal, in the form of compression, appears to get these malignant cells back on the right track.”

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Beyond The Nipples

Most erotic stimulations come from the nipples, which is probably why men and women alike love foreplay on those areas. However, doing gentle strokes on the rest of the boobs will also give pleasurable sensations to a woman—a feat that men would definitely love accomplishing.

How do you go about the breast massage? It’s actually quite similar to the hands-on part of a breast self-examination, which women should be familiar with and can teach you (if not, here’s a detailed guide). Essentially, you will gently but firmly rub the entire breast in a circular motion.

You might want to refer to this video below that demonstrates how to do a  breast massage. It has already gathered 2.4 million views, so you know people are benefiting from it one way or another. Maybe just don’t let your girl see you watching this if you want to surprise her (she might doubt you) or just watch it with her and enjoy together!

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To make it a more pleasurable and sensual experience when you do it with your partner, use pure essential oils like olive or sunflower seed oil. You can also use aromatherapy oils like lavender to amp up the sexy, relaxing mood.

Do It Gently!

Of course, be gentle with your strokes, and be sure to gauge your partner's reactions if she is really enjoying what you're doing. You could be kneading too hard.

It might do you good to know (or just ask her) if or when her boobs feel particularly sore, such as before or during her period and maybe when she's ovulating. Although massages soothe sore muscles splendidly, tender breasts during those times might be a discomfort. Better stick to other foreplay methods and lessen the boob-grabbing action on those days.

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