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Three's A Crowd!

What you won’t read in your girl pals’ status updates
by Ronjay Eduvas | Jul 29, 2011
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I'm casually dating this guy and and we've always been a very adventuruous couple. We've always wanted to try a ménage a trios but we just couldn't find the perfect third wheel. Then I met this hot girl from work and had some girl-on-girl action with her. I asked if she'd be willing to do threesome with my boyfriend and I but she said she didn't like the arrangement.

So, one night I asked her out. We went to a club; I asked my guy friend to go to the same club and pretend that we didn't know each other and that she was interested with my girl friend. They flirted with each other while I watched.We  ended up having a threesome in his condo. After an hour of having fun, while my girl was in the bathroom, my guy told me that we better get rid of the girl and enjoy the night together. So my girl friend and I took separate cabs, when she was out of sight, I went back to my guy's place and fucked the hell out of him until the next day. It was the best sex we've ever had. And we realized that maybe threesomes are a bit overrated. But nonetheless doing it was fun! The best part is my girl friend never found out that it was a set up.
Ava27, by email

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