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This Tinder Playah Can Get A Girl's Number Using Only Emojis!

This dude can score digits without even typing a single word!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Jul 16, 2015
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We once told you that using emojis can give you a higher success rate at getting laid. Well, one man took this hook-up knowledge to heart to elevate his game on Tinder and, guess what, it was a massive success!

So while other guys try their luck with, more often than not, corny pick-up lines in hopes to get some girl's digits on the dating app, this dude managed to score eight numbers without typing a single word—heck, not even a letter—and only by sending his would-be dates creative emojis.

Scroll down and learn from the digital dating maestro!

He begins by complimenting his victims lady prospect, saying she's a perfect 100!

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This is definitely no monkey business, gents!

He then throws all the things girls seriously crave for in the mix like...sushi?

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Don't forget the red, red wine, of course.

Though some girls might be hard to impress at first, remember that perseverance will eventually be the key for you to win the emoji war! (Hey, Mr. Pierce, you can learn a lot from this fella!)

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If the trick doesn't work the first time, don't lose hope and give it a second try!


However, these screenshots might just be another display of epic Photoshop skills given that almost all of them have been taken on almost the exact time. He even set up his dates to be on the same day which, based on the convos, might take place on July 17.

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Well, that, or he's really a legendary playah.

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