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Triple Ex

<p>Your monthly catalogue of lurid women’s recollections</p>
| Jul 28, 2008
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My ex-boyfriend Vince and I became good friends after our breakup. He got married while I went to Manila to work. I maintained a good relation with him and to Anne, his wife, as a close friend. Last summer, I went to Cebu for a vacation. They invited me to stay in their house even just for a week, and I accepted their offer. One night, after hearing some strange noises coming from their room, I rose up and slowly made my way there. I took a peek inside and knew I was right—my ex and his wife were having sex! Taken aback, I began to stroke my own pussy while watching the couple. At that moment I felt an urge to have a cock inside me. I took off all my clothes and quietly entered their room. Both of them were surprised to see me naked as I entered. But I answered their questioning expressions as I lay down beside Anne and started kissing her. Vince smiled as he got a cue that I wanted to join in. 

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