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Ladies' Confessions: Unlike A Virgin

A horny virgin recounts her first time...
by Ronjay Eduvas | Sep 5, 2012
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I am a horny virgin. So when my high school crush called up to have some drinks, I accepted the invitation right away. Friends had warned me to be extra vigilant because he was a well-known womanizer. Little did my pals know, I really wanted him to take advantage of me. So he picked me up; riding his motorbike at full speed only made me hornier.

In his pad, we finished a bottle of brandy and then called it a night. He led me to his room, where he lay on one side of the bed and started snoring. I tugged his arms and asked him to tell me more stories—a hint for him to make the first move—and then he faced me. The saint and the sinner started quarrelling inside my head. He kissed my neck and then he was suddenly on top of me. I felt his tongue ring forcing itself inside my mouth. I would’ve given up my defenses, if only he wasn’t darting his tongue too much. I tried to maneuver my tongue into his in the manner I would have wanted him to do mine, but he kept his way. I stopped him and tried to have him talk his way into letting my guard down again.

I started caressing him, kissing his cheeks all the way down his chest. He tried unlocking my sports bra, soon noticing it didn’t have any. So we lay in a spooning position with my back against his chest, and he started inserting his hand in my brassiere, feeling my breasts and caressing them. I felt hot and wanted to finally give in...then he started snoring, and he lay like that the whole night with his hand on my chest.

The next day we laughed about it. It was an epic fail.
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