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WATCH: Exes Face Each Other Years After Their Breakup To Ask The Really Painful Questions

Prepare some tissue, bro!
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Sep 3, 2015
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Breakups are always painful. It causes sleepless nights as you’re left to ponder the unanswered questions that stay there weeks—or months and years, even—after the relationship fell apart.

But what if you could face your ex again, and clear up everything that boggles you. Think that would be a good idea? To find the answer, the interactive online film project “The And” tested it out themselves.

In a video uploaded yesterday, September 1, on the YouTube channel of U.S. fashion magazine, Glamour Magazine, the former couple Ali and Andrew sat down together to ask all the hard questions that ended their seven-year relationship. They broke up two years ago, and this was the first time that they saw each other again in an up-close face-to-face encounter.

Ali wasted no time at all: “Why did you cheat on me?” From there, the emotions just rose—the tears fell but from time to time, they also reminisced on happier times.

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In any case, the video is a fascinating look at how people really find it hard to flush out heavy emotions from a bad breakup—even if years have passed since.

Watch it here (and bust out the tissue, bro!):


Video via Glamour Magazine

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