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WATCH: Newlyweds Sit Down For Honest Conversation

Husband tells wife: 'You're the most inappropriate person I've ever met.' We're surprised these two are still together!
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Sep 30, 2015
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You'll only discover your partner's true colors once you move in together, as what the oldies say.

Well, true enough!

In a video uploaded on the YouTube channel of U.S.-based Glamour Magazine, couple Keisha and Andrew, who have been married for a month, sat down together to ask each other intimate questions about their relationship.

Keisha immediately asked: "What do I do that annoys you?" Her hubby replied: "You get cocky at times," later on adding that "I'm surprised that you don't pick up after yourself more 'cause I feel like a lot of that is left to me." And the rest is history.

We were quite surprised that the woman was able to handle the questions well. What a lucky dude!

Watch the full video below:

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