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WATCH: Woman's Boobs Burst During Tattoo Session

They were in for a busty surprise
by Andrei Medina | Feb 15, 2017
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A video featuring a busty woman getting inked by a tattoo artist while her friends looked on from behind is currently making the rounds online.

The 55-second clip shows the woman wearing short shorts to reveal her colorful leg and thigh flower-themed tattoos while her right arm was being worked on.

Her tattoo artist on the other hand was focusing hard on finishing the job.


Everything seemed to be going normally until the artist changed his needle. This was when the right “breast” of the woman suddenly burst, causing a fairly loud pop that startled the artist and caused him to fall from his chair.

Meanwhile, the onlookers standing behind had surprised reactions, some shouting while others ran away.

As it turns out, the whole thing was actually a prank done with balloons passed off as boobs. The woman got her tattoo artist real good though.

So far, the video has gone viral and now has over 1.5 million views.

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