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WATCH: Women Answer The Age-Old Question, 'Does Size Matter?'

You'd be surprised at the results!
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | May 15, 2015
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Bros, quick question: Have you ever asked your partner (or any girl for that matter) if she’s satisfied with the size of your manoy? No? Don't worry; we totally understand. After all, it's one awkward question that has the potential to break your manhood (figuratively).

That being said, we're still very much interested on what women think about penis size. Does size matter, or is it okay if your junk's not on the gifted side? Thankfully, the guys and gals of did the heavy lifting and asked the ladies the ball-shrinking question.


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The site, known for producing videos that answer similarly-interesting questions, gathered 33 women aged 18 to 50 years old and asked them you-know-what. Although the interviewer didn’t specifically mention the subject of the question, it’s pretty clear he was pertaining to the lovestick. Cue a whole lot of gigglin'!

Most of the girls were hesitant to go into detail so they simply answered "yes" or "no." But others didn’t mind. Grace, 21, said it actually depends on "how you use it." Quality over quantity/size, brothers!

We know you're excited to see how it all went down so, watch:

Video via Cut Video

In case you got tired of counting, we tallied the results!

  • Yes - 10
  • No - 15
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