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'I Like Vomiting During Sexual Foreplay' And Other Weird Fetishes

They probably do the act after a hearty dinner date
by Cheekie Albay | Aug 4, 2018
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Fetishes run far and wide. There are the popular foot fetish types, which you imagine even your middle-aged neighbor could get behind, then there are the obscure tree fetish types which are a little bit harder to envision anyone, let alone your middle-aged neighbor, getting off to. But yes, there are people who get turned on by unlikely things, as the men and women we talked to prove below.

Bottomline: If it gets you off and it won’t possibly land you in jail, then, by all means, you do you. Those smelly armpits do sound almost charming.

It’s raining pee, hallelujah!

"Personally, I have a thing for golden showers—giving and receiving. It’s awesome, everyone should try it, and that’s the hill I die on.

The best part of it is proving to partners how much fun it can be. It always starts with giggling, and then a tense moment as you’re about to go, and finally a look of sheer revelation on their faces as they grapple with the fact that they totally dig getting peed on.

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It’s right up there with watching someone discover orgasms for the first time." - Jose, 26

"I discovered a fetish for golden showers—specifically being on the receiving end—accidentally. I was showering with a girl when she excused herself to pee. Since we were in a bathtub, I told her to do it on me. “On your face or saan ba?” she asked me, giggling. I told her to target my chest instead. And off she peed, as if she had just downed an entire pitcher of drink earlier.

The warmth of her pee felt good, and as we locked eyes, it added another layer of intimacy since peeing is one of the most personal things a woman does (unlike men, who can pee anywhere LOL)." - Tyler, 36

Don’t knock smelly pits ‘til you’ve tried ‘em

"I have this armpit-sniffing fetish. In order for me to fall asleep soundly, I need to sniff my husband’s armpit—whether he’s had a shower or not. Truth be told, I kinda enjoy his musky armpit smell. If he’s not around, I get one of his dirty shirts and smell it." - Cris, 32

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"Bad odor is bad odor except when I smell it on a good-looking woman.

It all started when I came home from work to see my partner preparing dinner in her underclothes, all sweaty and with the smell of food in her hair. As she reached above her for a spice bottle, I couldn’t resist fooling around so I pushed my face into her sweaty armpit and got caught in a trance. I pulled her to the couch and made crazy love with her while vacuuming her armpit with my nose.

Since then, I would find myself secretly sniffing female officemates’ armpits, looking for that asim that would get me high." - Goldie, 38

Go on, let your inner animal out

"As a former escort, I get plenty of “special requests” from high-profile clients who can’t seem to get off on straightforward coitus. One of my favorites is a client who loves pretending he’s a cat and I’m a dog. We’d start out making appropriate animal sounds, then chase each other across his house for around thirty minutes to an hour until I catch him. Then, we have sex." - Victor, 38

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"I get horny when I watch animals copulating on National Geographic. Yes, it is as weird as it sounds." - Al, 36

Throwin’ up my heart when I’m with you

"I’ve been with someone who enjoys vomiting. It can be watching me vomit or him being induced to throw up. We’d start the session with a veritable feast of local food or deliveries, talking about the most inane everyday subjects. Once we’re both full to bursting, we’d stick our fingers in our or in each other’s mouths and let it all come out...usually on each other." - Lex, 30


Don Jon, is that you?

"My friend says her boyfriend can’t have sex with her if he’s not watching porn at the same time. At first, she said it was kinda kinky, like role-playing. But now it’s just like whatever. Because he goes through the whole act with his eyes on the screen—and his earphones in his ears! Yikes!" - Tina, 30

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Snoring beauty

"I’ve got a thing for snores, whether it’s the loud type or just a slight sound. I don’t know, maybe it’s the intimacy of witnessing it, but I noticed it when I lived with my first boyfriend. I’d wait for him to fall asleep so I could listen to his snoring. (I had recordings as well, oops!)

I had an LDR for my second relationship. When he’d fall asleep while on the phone with me, I would start masturbating once he had begun snoring." - Melissa, 21

Raised on those '90s Sharon Stone movies, are ya?

"Since the '90s, I’ve had this thing for making a girl wear pumps and a wristwatch during sex. It sounds pretty normal for me, but the girls found it strange, and it was always a first for the women I did it with.

I guess I liked to feel like I was being “controlled” by a mature or confident woman. The high heels and watch made them seem sophisticated and edgy at the same time. The pumps made doggy-style sexier, while the formality of the watch added to the raunchiness. Nothing weird about that!" - Leo, 40

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Panty rock is in the house tonight

"I had an ex who would ask for my used panties so he could sniff them. Of course, he loved the ones with a bit of gunk in them—the more gunk, the better.

At his house, he had a box of my panties. I should've gotten them when we broke up; it's probably hidden in the depths of his closet along with the long-forgotten panties of other exes by now." - Brenda, 29

Not your garden variety fetish

"I had a buddy in high school who told me he was really into the idea of sticking a garden sprinkler up his ass. I don’t remember how or why we started talking about it, but I really hope he got his fix at some point. Everyone deserves to have their dreams come true." - Anton, 23

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