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The Strapless Panty And 9 Other Crazy Underwear Designs

It takes a special type of courage to don these bizarre pieces of underwear. Do you have what it takes?
by Neps Firmalan | May 15, 2014
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There are two types of underwear: the ones we normally use and those that we won’t wear no matter what.

What’s hugging your crotch right now probably belongs to the former. As for the ones in the list below, let’s just say not even a million bucks would sway us into strutting around in them. Okay, maybe for a million bucks, but as long as we won’t have to wear them in a public place—like these swanky pools.

Behold, ladies and gents, 10 of the wackiest and most unusual briefs and panties ever that will make you say, “No freakin’ way!”


crazy underwear designs

There’s no problem with having a little bit of hair down there, but on the underwear itself? Nuh-uh! And nope, it doesn’t matter if it’s just printed on the fabric. Girls, payo lang, if you’re going to wear the Hairy Underwear panty, ask your lover first if he likes it shaved or messy. Sure, you could opt for the “I’m just being creative!” excuse, but the sight of unsightly locks could still be a mood-breaker.

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crazy underwear designs

The Deardiary boxer brief actually looks good. If not for the yellow ruler on its left leg, it wouldn’t even be on this list. Be sure your manoy literally measures up to it before even thinking of donning this piece of unusual underwear or anything remotely like it.

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crazy underwear designs
We feel sorry for anyone who’ has to wear the Funny Undies' brief. You’re basically wearing a darn puppet! And do we have to mention that your schlong will go inside some sort of a nose? Ang kati tingnan, ser! Those googly eyes aren’t helping either. Not cute bro. Not. Cute.

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