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The Weirdest Condom Flavors And Where To Find Them

The latest is Malaysia’s nasi lemak-flavored one
by Khatrina Bonagua | Sep 29, 2017
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Malaysian company, Karex Berhad, has recently released a new flavor to their wide range of condom choices: the nasi lemak condom.

The chili-infused rice meal, known as nasi lemak, is Malaysia’s national dish. The company had several tests (which lasted for 6 months) before coming up with this limited-edition flavor.

CEO of Karex Berhad, Goh Miah Kiat, believes that a nasi lemak condom will unite his otherwise divided country.

"We Malaysians are divided across our political ideas, religion and race," he said in an interview. "I felt one thing that unites us all (is): 'Where's the best nasi lemak place you've been?'"

The company is currently working on packaging. The condom is set to hit stores later this year.

Goh insisted that these condoms are not a marketing gimmick. "For me, it's about public health, and I want to get the message across to people," he said.

“Were about trying to encourage contraceptive use in the Muslim-majority country.”


A nasi lemak condom is not the first rubber with a unique flavor. Here are some of the weirdest ones we’ve encountered so far.

1) Bacon

Breakfast in bed? Yes, please! J&D’s Bacon Condoms are made of latex, and are coated with the company’s special brand of water-based, pork-flavored lube. It will make your package taste and smell like breakfast.

Get it here.

2) Weed

Cannadom’s cannabis flavored condoms taste and smell like the real thing. Good times just got better with these weed-inspired must-haves!

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3) Garlic

Made by restaurant The Stinking Rose, these garlic condoms will add even more spice to your bedroom action—though we’re not sure if your ladylove would be game to kiss a stinky, garlicky penis.  

Get it here.

4) Durian

Before the nasi lemak condom, Karex Berhad was best known for their durian-flavored condoms. And yep, it tastes and smells like Davao’s favorite fruit.

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Get it here.

5) Scotch

Cheers! Get drunk in love with the scotch-flavored McCondom. This is perfect for the woman who wants her liquor, ehem, hard.

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