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Strangelove: 10 Weirdest Sex Toys From Japan

Think you know sex toys? As always, what Japan has in store might surprise you!
by Gelo Gonzales | Apr 22, 2014
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As we reported, Filipinos will soon be able to go to Japan without having to go through the arduous task of getting a visa. For everyone who's ever been obsessed with its wild, wacky, and oftentimes weird culture, this is a chance to experience it firsthand. And so excited were we about the news, that we put together a list of what we plan to do there once the new ruling takes effect!

In the process of cobbling together that checklist, we also chanced upon Japan's, ahem, dark side. Because beyond the anime, the videogames, and the school girls is that certain nook where Japan's sexually playful side resides.

What exactly are we talking about? We're talking about sex toys, brother! And much like everything from the Land of the Rising Sun, these toys defy the norm, and toss the word "taboo" by the curbside.

Weird or erotic, you be the judge!

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1) A pink blowjob machine

Source: Gizmodo

At first glance: A candy dispenser or a particularly girly toy space gun

What it really is: A battery-operated fellatio performer. You put your willy inside the flesh-like opening, switch it on, and the object vibrates to life, giving your body a taste of "heaven" (as it's written on its side).

2) Your very own AV idol

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At first glance: A Japanese AV idol with curiously lifeless eyes

What it really is: A lifelike erotic mannequin made from "100% silicone," as advertised on their website. Made by Japanese company Kanojo Toys, these dolls are customizable from head to toe for the low, low price of $7,000.

Possibly the closest thing some of us will ever get to hooking up with a Japanese porn star.

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3) Vagina in a cup

At first glance: Just another delicious cup of instant noodles

What it really is: An "onahole" or a fake silicone vagina designed for masturbation. This one's cleverly disguised as a harmless cup of delicious instant noodles so as to avoid the inherent hassles of having someone find out why you're a weirdo who uses an onahole.

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