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Strangelove: 10 Weirdest Sex Toys From Japan

Think you know sex toys? As always, what Japan has in store might surprise you!
by Gelo Gonzales | Apr 22, 2014
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At first glance: Just some form of baby cologne

What it really is: Saw those realistic sex dolls above? They may look real, but do they smell real? With this specially formulated "pheromone spray," that problem is solved as the spray is said to reproduce the "smell of a hot female having sweaty sex."

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We don't know about you, but any product that dares call itself "Sweat Scent Of Virgin" must be good.

8) Hizamakura's Lap Pillow

At first glance: Just a bunch of Japanese men having a nice nap

What it really is: A bunch of Japanese men having a nice nap...on a disembodied pair of smooth, silicone legs kneeling in Japanese style. Pillows have apparently become obsolete in Japan, replaced by these kooky implements that we wouldn't want our girlfriends to see.

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9) A disposable toy that lets you jack off anywhere

Source: Kotaku

At first glance: A condom that only covers the proverbial head of the snake

What it really is: Called "Pocket Tenga," it's a condom-like product that you slip your penis into when you need to whack off and there's no tissue in sight. You pour the included lubricant into it, do your business, and then you seal it up for clean, easy disposal.

Credit the Japanese for thinking of this kind of thing!

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10) V.R. Hentai Sex

Years ago, the idea of robotic virtual reality sex might seem like an episode from Twilight Zone.

Now, it could soon be real. Check it out:

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