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#fhmpetraisashley: The 20 Wettest FHM Covers!

What can we say? We love getting our cover girls wet!
by Mikey Agulto | Apr 4, 2014
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There are many things to like about Ashley Rivera's April 2014 cover. First of all, there are bubbles in it. Second, her bikini bottom looks super fancy. And obviously, if it wasn't for the water guns she's holding, we would be looking at...heaven.

But we like water guns, so we guess that's okay.

But do you know what we like best about this cover? Ashley, of course. And the fact that she's dripping wet in it! 

FHM Covers
If you're a true-blue FHM follower, you know that we've had cover shoots similar to this one in the past. Oh yezzir, we love, love, love getting our cover girls wet—and they don't seem to mind a little bit of water either! Take for example the FHM covers that you're about to see below.

Basaan na!

Empress Schuck's March 2013 cover
 shows her trying to seduce you from the pool. You will see a whole lot of these as you read on.

Wet Covers

February 2013 cover girl LJ Reyes somehow thought the water will help conceal her gorgeous tushie, but to no avail. Yay!

Wet Covers

Is Michelle Madrigal dripping wet or oiled up in her April 2012 cover? Does it even matter?

Wet Covers

We had Regine Angeles jump into a love pool for her April 2011 cover. 

Wet Covers
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