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Women Online Vividly Describe What An Orgasm Feels Like

Totally NSFW
by Khatrina Bonagua | Oct 14, 2018
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Have you ever wondered if women feel the same way as men when having an orgasm? Well, we know you're all curious creatures, and that’s why we went through Reddit and compiled the most intense (and most vivid) descriptions from the ladies, who gamely revealed what an orgasm feels like to them. Now, get ready to know how it differs from yours—and take notes while you're at it. You're lady might just be faking it. 

Cooking up a storm

“Best analogy I've ever heard for a female orgasm VS male orgasm is this

Man: When you shake a champagne bottle and the cork pops off.

Female: Leaving a pan of water on the stove on boil, eventually it will build up and starting bubbling, then finally get more intense and overflow from the pan.” – pepperandsalt212

That tingling sensation

“For me it builds in waves of pressure, increasing in intensity. It feels like a pressure similar to the feeling that you have to pee and then slowly ebbs away and then returns again and again until you let go into a climax. The resulting orgasm is a release of pleasure that runs through my entire body like heat and tingling. Sometimes if my orgasm is especially intense my vaginal muscles will tense and release several times very noticeably.

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It was only when I could accept that ‘have to pee feeling’ and let it build to a complete climax that I was able to finally orgasm.” – lucrativellama

Keep calm and orgasm

“It feels like an electric current from your clitoris that radiates all over your body. When this happens, there is a complete loss of knowledge of anything around me except the feeling. Usually my vagina noticeably pulses and contracts, during and a few seconds post orgasm (your partner may or may not notice). The area will feel internally warm and sensitive for minutes after an orgasm, and I will usually experience a feeling of calm or contentment afterward.” – saveseaturtles

A warm feeling

"It feels like really hot, but not unpleasant, water building up into a small tsunami surrounding and building up pressure inside my body, behind my clit. It rides its way up my abdomen, spine, and works its way down my extremities, leaving goosebumps in its wake. The waves cause spasmming along their route as my skin tightens; nipples get harder and more sensitive, my face and chest flush. I shake a lot, and the aftermath leaves me breathless,” –  grooviegurl

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We’d love to witness all levels, TBH

“I have different levels of orgasms (unsure if this is typical of all ladies). Like, one is when I get off alone with just focusing on my clit, the next level is getting off with my toy/a dick, and the highest level is when my man fingers me to make me squirt. That last one is rocking to the core. My stomach contracts multiple times, and it shakes my whole body. Each orgasm feels different, but they all feel good!” - freshlybaked22

Shake it off!

"It feels like absolute surrender and loss of control. There is a huge flood of warmth and liquid inside of my vagina, and I feel absolute bliss throughout my whole body. One area of note for its feeling besides my pelvis is my head; it feels empty except for pleasure, and it gets warm. My body often involuntarily twitches and shakes, but it isn't aggravating at all. It feels natural.” – DiscardAndDisco

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An itch we'd love to scratch

"For me, it's this pleasurable itch that MUST be scratched and then suddenly you're scratching and oh god it feels amazing and BOOM… a sensation of extreme pleasure, release, and satisfaction that the itch has been scratched.” - Irene_Adler_

Okay, we’re hungry!

"It's this intense anticipation. Like you've ordered a steak, and know just how you want it cooked, and you keep seeing the server bring food out, and you think for just a second that each time you see the server, they may be bringing you your fabulous steak, until FINALLY you see the server... maybe they are serving someone this time, but instead of walking by you, your desire for this awesome steak is fulfilled. Then you get to eat the steak." – anxiousdinosaur

What. A. Ride.

“What it feels like? I get off with some form of clitoris play so I feel it very strongly there, like the pleasure you were feeling magnifies in that area very suddenly. If you were on a roller coaster going up the lift hill, it's the drop. But I also get a lot of muscle contraction in my thighs and abdomen, followed by a pulsing of the vaginal muscles as I go into ‘cool down.’ Afterwards it's hard to stand being touched along the clit 'cause it's so sensitive, but the rest of my body is usually like 'touch meeee!’” – spongekitty

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