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What To Do When Your Nude Selfie Leaks

'Send nudes' no more
by Khatrina Bonagua | Sep 5, 2018
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Scandals are everywhere. Whether you’re a celebrity or a regular joe, there’s always a chance that your private photos (or worse, your sex tape) will be leaked in public. When this happens, do you know what to do?

If your nudes have been shared by an ex-lover, you can always ask the person to take it down—though, we know that it’ll take a ton of convincing (that is, if she’s even talking to you) especially if it’s an act of vengeance. But if it accidentally got out to the world of social media (stolen phone, hacked account, etc.), now, that's tricky.

To minimize the damage, here’s a step-by-step guide on what to do.

Just keep quiet

When asked, don’t confirm nor deny. If it’s possible, change the topic, or treat it as a joke. If your body (or a part of it) can be seen, jokingly say that yours is better. If they can see your face, tell them it’s probably just a doppelganger. Better yet, just stay quiet. Remember: This too shall pass.

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Deactivate all your social media accounts

In case they try to search for you on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, they will be linked back to nothing. This also lessens the blow as you wouldn’t see any unnecessary comments or messages from creepy strangers asking if it’s you in the picture.

File for removal

“Adult Nudity and Sexual Activity” violates Facebook’s Community Standards. If you see your picture on the social media app, all you have to do is the following:

1) Click “…”

2) Click “Give Feedback To This Post”

3) Click “Nudity”

4) Click “Adult Nudity”

5) Click “Send”

Facebook will then review if the post does violate their Community Standards. If yes, they’ll remove it ASAP. You can also ask your friends to report the same post.

Another thing to do is to ask Google to remove it. To request for content to be removed from Google search results, just click this form. You may also have an authorized representative complete this on your behalf.

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If your nudes are in a porn site, you can also ask these sites to take it down. Just message their support team and they'll be willing to assist.

File a police report

If you know who’s responsible, you can file a police report to have the culprit punished (and have the picture removed as well). Under the Anti-Voyeurism Act of 2009 (RA No. 9995), stealing and posting “private photos” of others, without consent, is punishable by law. You can file your complaint with the NBI Cybercrime Division or the PNP Anti-Cybercrime Group.


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