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What To Do With Your Girlfriend's Parinig Post On Facebook?

Don't. Ever. Respond.
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Nov 28, 2016
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Facebook is a great place for couples—from being a platform of communication to having unlimited storage to save photographic memories. There are also downsides, though.

Enter: The girlfriend's parinig on FB during fights (or even simple misunderstandings).

Social media has become a sounding board for many millennials. Posting rants, be it a public post or a private one, is a common outlet for this generation.

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"Technology has a positive and negative side. Posting and using it as a medium to ventilate your emotional dissatisfaction in the relationship creates more harm," says Dr. Cely Magpantay, a psychologist at St. Luke's Medical Center in Quezon City. "It can also ignite more conflict and later on cause the couple to break up. It also gives the bad impression that you are hurting her in the relationship."

According to Dr. Magpantay, a person who does that has the intention of winning the sympathy and attention of others. How people react to these online immediately becomes out of your control. 


This can worsen the situation and lead to even more trust issues. 

Dr. Magpantay advises: "The best way to handle it is to ignore any post, block the person or anyone related that can further aggravate the situation. By avoiding the issue it will subside and lose its power later on."

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It's also a good move to talk things over. Hashing things out face to face is better than making snide comments on social media. This way, both parties involved can explain themselves and hear the other person out. 

"Communicate effectively how the posting psychologically affects you. There are things that are okay to post on social media and there are issues that can only be handled in private," says Dr. Magpantay.

Dr. Cely D. Magpantay, PhD, RP, RPm is a licensed clinical psychologist and psychometrician. She caters to different psychological services like neuropsychological, personality, forensic, and behavioral assessments, and psychotherapy and counseling for children, adults, and families. For more on this and other relationships concern, visit her at St. Luke's Medical Center in 279 E Rodriguez Sr Ave, Quezon City. You can set an appointment by calling 732-03-01 or (+63) 908-353-4862.

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