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Women Tell You What They Really Want This Valentine's Day

Flowers are great, but a ticket to paradise might be even better
by Mabie Alagbate | Feb 12, 2018
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Are you just about to place an order of three dozen red roses for Valentine’s Day—yet again? Sure, it’s a massively elaborate gesture, but is that what your lady truly wishes to get on this special occasion? If you’re still stumped as to what to do for your special someone this coming Red Hearts’ Day, sit up, read up and know what the ladies really would want to receive. Get those creative juices flowing, and don’t get stuck on just giving her flowers; they’re not always the only option out there.

"Things can get hectic at home with the kids. A day at the spa complete with reflexology massage would be nice! Dark chocolate mousse cake and coffee are the sweet icing on top." —Diwata, 33, Affluence Coach 

"I’m a simple girl, so flowers would be nice. I like flowers in general anyway—receiving them any time of the year, even if not on Valentine’s Day, would be sweet." —Cheska, 28, Lawyer

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"I don’t mind keeping our tradition of having good steak dinner at Gulliver’s. We love their steel plates and tacky '80s-ish cartolina Cupid cut-outs." —Jihan, 33, Social Media Manager

"I don’t like flowers any other day, but I would love to get them for Valentine’s. The sad thing is I’ve never received them on that particular day. He did give me a ring, though." —Lorelei, 24, BPO Manager


"I’m an 'all or nothing' kind of girl, so if it’s just wishing for the ideal V-Day gift, I’d say I wouldn’t mind receiving a surprise ticket to Maldives—with pre-approved annual leave. My boss being friends with my SO is a great advantage!" —Ching, 27, Entrepreneur

"Travel tickets!" —Aimee, 26, Nurse

"I prefer a cozy staycation in some nice hotel. Ambiance is very important to me, and I would prefer it to be romantic with a lovely view. I love the water too so at least a pool, or even just a hot tub, would be great if we’re not staying at the beach. Awesome breakfast buffets are always a plus!" —Ina, 33, Lawyer

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"Celebrating Valentine’s long distance is a challenge. Ideally, I would love for us to have breakfast together over Skype. Since we’re in different time zones, however, one of us would be having dinner instead. To make it fair, I propose that we have TWO breakfast dates instead, to accommodate both our time zones. I’ll be in Tagaytay with Taal as background, while he would be on a rooftop with the New York skyline behind." —Gratz, 30, Service Delivery Manager


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