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REAL TALK: 12 Women Reveal The One Thing They Will Never Tell Their Boyfriend

Lies, secrets, and other relationship-ending misdemeanors
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | May 3, 2016
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Your girlfriend will tell you a lot of things to make you believe about her undying love for you. Don't feel so secured, though.

According to a study conducted by UK family law firm Slater & Gordon, one in five people are keeping a major secret from their partner. These secrets include infidelity, contact with an ex, and past relationships, among others.

Twelve percent of the respondents said they had gone to extreme lengths to hide it. Their reason: letting their other half know might make things worse.

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This brings us to the latest edition of Real Talk. We reached out to 12 real women aged 20 to 35 and asked them this: "What the biggest secret you're hiding from your boyfriend?"

You might want to have some serious talk with your girl after reading their answers:

"Cheating but not in the sense of being committed to another man. Napalapit loob ko sa isang guy. He told me he likes me and I also confessed how I feel for him. But we didn't take it to the next level kasi we are both in a relationship. We don't want to hurt our partners. Pero kahit na hindi naging kami, hindi ko pa rin sasabihin kasi baka masira current relationship ko." —Michelle 24

"There's this one about my cute blockmate. Niyaya niya akong mag-mall. I said yes immediately. After tirelessly walking in the mall, he decided to see me home. While we were in his car, bigla na lang niya kinuha kamay ko and nilagay niya sa penis niya. Hindi naman ako pumalag kasi I like him. He told me to give him heads but I refused. I suddenly remembered I'm taken." —Mary Jane, 21

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"I will never tell him that there were those times that I got drunk in a party and kissed a random guy. I feel guilty about it but you can't blame me. I was tipsy and I don't know what I was doing." —Anne, 22

"If things don't work out with my current boyfriend, there's always a sort of back-up guy or more like someone in mind na pwede mag-replace sa kanya. Also, hindi ko masabi sa boyfriend ko na na-cute-an ako sa ibang friends niya. He might get jealous and cut their friendship. I don't want that." —Karen, 27

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"Naiimbyerna ako sa girl na friend niya. Friends na sila before I came into the picture but she's really getting into my nerves. Lagi niya niyaya boyfriend ko lumabas. Feeling ko malandi talaga siya. I can't tell my boyfriend naman baka kasi he'll think cray ako." —Mae, 27


"I will never tell my boyfriend that I still check my ex-boyfriend's social media accounts from time to time. I want to stay updated with his life and I want to know if may bago na siya." —Angel, 21

"I never told him that I still worry about his ex-girlfriend. This may sound like I'm jealous or it might seem like there's an issue in our relationship. So there's no point in bringing up the exes in the conversation." —Kimberly, 23

"I will never tell him that I masturbate. Well, actually I once told him about it and he got angry with me. He said nakakababa ng pagkalalaki. He asked me to swear not to do it again. But there are just really times when I need to make myself happy and he's not around." —Rizza, 20

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"I will never, ever tell him how much I hate his mother. My mom and his mom used to be super friends and they decided to set us up. We clicked. However, a few months after, hindi na good terms ang parents namin dahil sa mga paninira. She says I'm not the perfect girl for his son. Hindi ko naman ako makapag-rant sa partner ko kasi I know wala akong laban sa mom niya." —Les, 30

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"I won't tell him about the goals that I've set for myself when I was younger. I prefer keeping those goals to myself up until I actually accomplish them. I don't want anyone, not even my boyfriend, to get in the way of me accomplishing my dreams or meddle with how I want to go about chasing them." —MM, 27

"My now-ex-boyfriend once asked me kung nakikita ko siya as my husband. I said 'yes' but truth is I didn't. It would be totally awkward and there will be so much drama if I said no."—P, 29

"He'll never know how many men I have really slept with in the past. He might not respect me, get turned off, and leave me. I don't want that to happen."—Kaye, 33


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