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Where In The World Can You Have The Best Orgasm?

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by Khatrina Bonagua | Aug 8, 2017
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In honor of the recent National Orgasm Day, Swedish intimate lifestyle company LELO conducted a survey—with over 2,200 respondents from 21 different countries—to find out which nations have the most intense, loudest, and best orgasms. Here are the results:

The most frequent…

The country that has the most orgasms is Norway, with 35 percent of its inhabitants saying they climax at least once a day. At the other end of the spectrum, 2.54 percent (lowest rate) of Germans reportedly have never had one.

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The most intense…

Three countries were tied for the most extreme orgasms: Chile, Italy, and Spain. 10 to 13 percent of population have assessed the climaxing power within the highest percentile. On the flip side, two percent of Australians, graded their orgasmic intensity at just 1 out of 10.

The loudest…

Apparently, Brazilians are the noisiest lovemakers with 65 percent of them admitting to scream and moan passionately. Norway grabbed the second place with 39.9 percent. In contrast, 42 precent of Portuguese claim that they are usually silent when making love.


Here are the other findings per country:

UK – 11 percent orgasms at least once a day
US – 28 percent rated their orgasm intensity 7 out of 10
Croatia – third loudest climaxers with 37.5 percent
Sweden – 41 percent orgasm twice to thrice per week
Australia – among the quietest climaxers with 34.78 percent
Canada – 15 percent have never experienced one

"The results of this survey seem to throw all stereotypes out the bedroom window and defy all preconceptions," LELO wrote. "Who'd have thought that a third of the population of Norway have at least one orgasm every day?"

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"Isn’t it strange that the US doesn’t seem to stand out in any extreme, remaining in the middle of most of the groups throughout the results? Time to throw out those old clichés!"

Now, we wonder what could have been if Filipinos took this survey, too.


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