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REAL TALK: Where Women Want Their Men To 'Come'

'Anywhere except my face'
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jun 26, 2016
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There are so many ways to handle the semen during sex. But admit it; unless you are wearing rubber, you're really not sure where to leave it—and if she's game for the kinky stuff you wanna try out.


Problem is, it's not exactly something you can ask rather casually. Oftentimes, the subject will come up once you're already (or moments before you arrive) there. Does she want it inside her? Outside? On a specific body part? Why is she mad you got her in the eye?

Here's a solution: Talk beforehand. Communication is an important step towards a healthy sex life, we all know that. You can even do it while you're already rabidly undressing each other.

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To give you a clue of what she'll probably say, we muster the courage to ask 10 women, all currently in a relationship, to share where exactly they want their man juice.

"Inside! There's nothing sexier than feeling him pull me towards him while he pushes deep into me. Our eyes are locked with each other and I'm feeling him throb. It's so intense, so sexy." —Andy, 29

"In my mouth. Least amount of cleanup required. Walang tissue-tissue na kailangan.—Chia, 27

"Anywhere but the blankets." —Therese, 28

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"My favorite is inside because I really like the feeling of cum running down my legs. Weird, ano? I don't know why, but I love it." —Ann, 26

"I actually can't think of single place I don't like being covered in it. Maybe cumming on my elbows wouldn't be pleasant, but honestly, I'd still give it a go." —Patrisha, 25

"Anywhere except my face." —Veronica, 26

"It depends on the type of sex we're having. Inside is ideal...easily the most intense. That being said, I'm a very oral person, so I do enjoy him releasing in my mouth or on my breasts." —Margaret, 30

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"I prefer my pussy. I like the feeling of his thrusting when he loses all he has. However, if I can't have it there, my second choice is my mouth. I don't have a problem with swallowing. I figured, if he goes down on me, then why am I going to complain about doing the same to him?" —Beth, 27

“Most of the time I tell him to come on my chest. I'm not a big fan of doing it on my face unless we're in the shower. Kung hindi sa boobs, it's usually in my mouth and it gets swallowed." —Lily, 29

"I like it inside of me, but that's not always an option. On my back, belly, breast...just not on my hair or face." —Abbie, 27


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