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Why Girls Preserve Their Virginity As Told By Real Virgins

The days of Maria Clara are long gone, but there are still women who prefer to stay a virgin. These are their reasons!
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Dec 4, 2015
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You've been with your girlfriend for quite some time now, and things have been going well. There's only one problem: She doesn't want to surrender Bataan yet.

You've tried to seduce her, and just when you thought she's giving it up, she quickly jumps out of the bed and tells you, "Sorry babe, pero hindi pa ako handa."

What's holding her back? Is there anything wrong with you?

Don't get yourself down, bro. She has her reasons—reasons that we, as gents, need to respect. That doesn't mean though we can't do anything to try and understand her. Once again, we go straight to the source (the women) and ask them why they're holding on to their v-card.


"I still believe the old traditions—the no-sex-before-marriage rule. Iyon 'yung most precious gift na pwede ko maibigay sa future husband ko kaya I need to protect it until he brings me in front of the altar." — CHRYSTAL, 27

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"I don't want to do it yet because I believe in the sanctity of marriage. Kahit sabihin natin na iba na 'yung generation ngayon at sobrang luma na nung paniniwalang 'yon, iba pa rin 'yong alam mong paninindigan ka talaga." — EJ, 23

"I still believe in purity. I still believe in marriage before sex. Kasi ang tunay na lalakeng nagmamahal, mamahalin ka kahit anong mangyari, at hindi mang-iiwan kapag walang nangyari. So I don't want to rush things. My virginity is the best gift that I can give to my husband." —JESSEY, 21

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"Ang hirap mag-risk. Sandaliang pleasure might lead to a lifetime of responsibility. May mga pinsan ako who’ve done pre-marital sex and nakita ko 'yung hirap nila. Ayaw kong mangyari rin 'yun sa akin. At malay ko bang pananagutan talaga ako ng boyfriend ko, if ever. — LOREN, 29

"Baka mabuntis ako. I'm not saying I don't want a child, but having a baby is such a big responsibility. Kawawa rin naman 'yung bata if hindi ready or hindi planado." — CHRISMA, 23


"I'm not having sex yet with my boyfriend because I need to make sure that he really loves me. I don't want to lose my virginity to Mr. Wrong." — ALVINA, 22

"I'm not really waiting until marriage. But that doesn't mean that I'll just do it with whoever is available. I know it sounds so cheesy, but I believe that kind of intimacy should only be reserved for the person I am insanely, head-over-heels in love with." — KIMBERLY, 22

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"My friends told me that the first time hurts a thousand times more than getting your period. Some of them even got sick the day after they had sex. Hell, that’s scary! I don't think I will ever be ready for that." — CARLA, 25

"Sabi ng college blockmate ko after raw niya makipag-sex for the first time dinugo raw siya for a number of days as if may period siya. And super uncomfortable daw 'yung feeling niya down there. 'Pag naglalakad siya nararamdaman niya 'yung changes down there. I can't imagine that. I still need to prepare myself for that day." — PATRICIA, 18

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