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REAL TALK: 21 Women Reveal Why They Cheated

These brutally honest answers will force you to re-examine your current relationship.
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Jun 9, 2015
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According to a poll of 3,000 people conducted by British dating firm Coffee & Company, nine percent of their male respondents were certain they'll be unfaithful if they fell for somebody else. Meanwhile, 25 percent of their female respondents admitted that they would definitely have an affair if an outsider piqued their interest. 

This brings us to today's edition of the FHM GF Manual, wherein we explore a painful fact about relationships: Women have bouts with infidelity just as much as men do.

However, the reasons surrounding their cheating could be different from a man's (which basically boils down to one thing: Men are pigs who like to F, so we F as much as we could even if we shouldn't). So, to find out what their reasons are, we summoned the courage to ask 21 ladies of different ages to share why they cheated or what might push them to do so.

Some said they also did it for the sex, others for revenge, and some pointed out the lack of time and attention from their partner. We believe though that whatever the reason is, there's a way to address it—and we can start by listening to these ladies and the factors that pushed or might push them to jump over the (forbidden) fence.

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"It's simply because I wasn't happy anymore. I kept searching for something that was lost along the way—the spark, the thrill, the happiness, love, lust, and everything in between."
- MONICA, 24

"Guys stop doing something exciting and fun just because they have been in a relationship for a long time. So when I feel less valued, and taken for granted yet he doesn’t want to set me free because he is selfish and a jerk, then it's time to cheat."

"I cheated because I found the things that my boyfriend was not able to provide from another man. Yes, I do love him but to be honest, I didn't see a future with him. Another experience naman kaya ako nag-cheat dahil sa kind of work ko. I must say, dahil sa tukso. I work in events so madami akong nakikilalang lalaki."
- CHIA, 27

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"I cheated because I was not contented with my relationship. Maybe it's an effect of being selfish. Or maybe we could also blame the guys for their unwillingness to grow up."

"I’ll probably cheat on my boyfriend if he doesn't give me enough time. We need a partner to touch, to cry on, and be clingy with."
- JAMCY, 19

"Three reasons. (1) Comforting na merong tao na may concern pa sa’yo when everyone turns against you. (2) Nabu-boost yong self-esteem ko. (3) Revenge."
- CHAI, 24

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"Nagagawa kong manloko kasi hindi ko na siya mahal. Sinabihan ko na siya pero ayaw niya naman kumalas."
- SHIELA, 18

"First, when the love is gone. Second, when I can't handle the things that are happening in our relationship. Third, if I'm not happy anymore. Fourth, if he's not the man that he used to be. And lastly, when I learn that he's also cheating."
- MARJ, 20

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"I'd likely cheat on my partner if he can't last longer and satisfy me in bed. And as an adventurer, I seek for excitement."
- SHINE, 19

"Because you're no longer in love with him or there's no more spark at all."
-KEENA, 26

"As a woman, the most common reason why we cheat is because we are unhappy with our partners. They don't live up to our expectations which lead to disappointment and cheating."

"Kapag nakikita ko 'yong
relationship as routine, wala ng fun and walang excitement more likely mag-tsi-cheat ako. Ayaw ko rin ng under ako, dapat equal. Add na rin natin 'yung gatong ng barkada."
- MAE, 21

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"If the partner isn't worth the relationship anymore."
- JE, 20

"Though I haven't experienced cheating, I think if I found out that my partner was not loyal to me anymore, then my flirting with other guys will be justified because he's the one who cheated first."
- KELEE, 22

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"I may cheat on my relationship to have assurance that I won't be left miserable if I lost the other. Another reason is hitting back: He has another woman kaya I can have another man, too. Or maybe a woman met a better man? Playing practical ba. Or it could be just because of change. People change."
- LINDA, 40

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"If he’s doing the same shit every time, and if he’s not capable of giving you kung anong deserve mo."
- LYN, 22

"Because the relationship has no growth anymore. Daily routines include fights, misunderstandings and other negative things. You may seem to want to fix it but you can't. You are also having a hard time ending it so you tend to look for someone who will make you feel better, who will make you feel appreciated."
- TRISHA, 22

"I have never cheated on anyone, but if it were to happen, it would most likely be because I was caught off guard by my own feelings for the guy, and I would have acted without thinking."
- JEN, 28

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"Sa tingin ko yung kulang at maling pag-aalaga ang
reason bakit nag-tsi-cheat ang girls. Tipong wala ng time sa isa't-isa. Nakakawalang gana pag ganun. Kung mali ang pag-aalaga mo sa karelasyon mo, darating at darating ang panahon na hahanap siya ng iba."
- GAYLE, 23

"Para sa akin, isa sa mga dahilan ay hindi sila nabibigyan ng sapat na oras lalong-lalo na sa mga sandali na sila ay may problema. Unfortunately, 'yung guy palaging busy at hindi niya nabibigay 'yung sapat na attention. Kaya naman natututo ang babae na maghanap ng kalinga sa ibang lalaki."

"I cheated because my partner doesn't give me enough time. He prioritizes his work and friends. Wala na 'kong nararamdaman na sweetness. Super boring na. Kaya minsan mas masarap magkaroon ng iba kasi kumbaga sa pagkain may konting anghang."
- REIGN, 23

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Some of these answers are downright brutal, we know. But it just goes to show what it REALLY takes for a relationship to last—and be crying-while-falling-down-on-your-knees moments-free. So pay attention to your ladies, fellas!

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