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Why Women Orgasm, According To Science

Now you know!
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Aug 3, 2016
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Unlike the male orgasm which is essential for reproduction, the female orgasm isn't necessary for conception. So why does it exist? Scientists have the answer.

A study published in the Journal of Experimental Zoology analyzed the biology and physiology of various mammals as well as their evolutionary relationships to humans. The researchers found out that the female orgasm has an extremely important purpose—it stimulates the production of two hormones in the brain called prolactin and oxytocin. The production of these hormones acts as a trigger for the ovaries to release an egg, the researchers explained.

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In some species, ovulation is actually induced by the male—in other words, the female only produces an egg after having an orgasm. They suggested that the human reproduction once operated this way but evolved into simply being a feeling of pleasure during sexual activity.

"It is important to stress that female orgasms didn't look like it looks like now. We think that [the hormonal surge] is the core that was maybe modified further in humans," said one of the researchers, Mihaela Pavliev.


Though Pavliev was unable to enumerate the importance of the female orgasm, he noted that it exists for a purpose. "There is a lot of discussion about whether it could have any functions like in bonding behavior and things like that—so we cannot exclude that it actually has co-opted some other function after it lost its function in reproduction."

The new study is just one of the numerous researches being done on female pleasure. A study published in Popular Science suggests women orgasm in order to serve as a kind of "litmus test" to zero in on "quality partners." Another study points out that the pleasure of having an orgasm encourages women to have more sex, which increases the likelihood of fertility.

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