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Why Your Girlfriend Hates Your Friends

...and what you need to do about it
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | May 13, 2016
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Your girlfriend doesn't like your friends for no apparent reason. Whenever you ask her permission to hang out with your barkada, though they are all male, she never, ever gives her the go signal. What the hell is wrong? Is it you? Or is it your pals? Well, there's no one to blame but her jealousy.

Relationship expert and the life coach behind, Kiko Javier, explains that women treat their partner as their possession.

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"It is within the opposite sex's nature to be possessive. As her possession, she expects that your world will revolve around her," he says. "She feels jealous of the time her 'possession' gives to other people when she thinks it should have been added on the time spent with her."

Sandy, 26, in a relationship for five years, says: "There is a possibility that your girlfriend is seeing something about your friends that you aren't." She adds that girls don't like their boyfriends to be friends with someone rude and playboy. "He might influence my partner with his bad attitude. I don't want that to happen."

Mae, 23, agrees. She says: "I worry that his friends are a bad influence on him and our relationship. They might be bringing him somewhere like beerhouse or they might be persuading him to leave me."


Meanwhile, Haira, 26, in a relationship for three years now, says: "He goes out with his friends more frequently than we do. How could I not hate them? How could I not hate the people who are taking away so much time from our relationship?"

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Now you've heard the reasons, what should you do next to resolve the issue? Your best bet is to let your girlfriend spend some time with you and your friends, so she can know them better.

As Javier points out, "Your partner should know the people you go with and hang out with. They feel special and important when you bring them to your world and introduce her as your queen."

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After introducing her to your pals, ask her how she feels about your friends. She will also feel good when you ask her impressions about them.

"Do not try to reason out or invalidate what she is saying. Women were created for us to see our blind spot, meaning they can see what men don't see. Most of the time they are correct in what they are seeing," Javier said.

"If she finds them okay, you will never have a challenge and most of the time you will always get her approval to hang out with them even without her," he added. 

If she still does not like them and wants you to cut ties with them, you need to decide who is more important to you—your girl or your friends. The choice is still yours.


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