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FHM Helps You Survive Hump Day: This Woman Delivers Sports News Naked!

This sports reporter will keep you in the know...and in heat!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Mar 4, 2015
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FHM Helps You Survive Hump Day: Behold, The Future Of Beat Machines, The Booty Drum!

There are only two factors in life that can make every basic bro tune in to the news: sports and sexy reporters.

Evidently, model and former women's boxing champ, Ava Fiore, took these things in mind when she put up her sexy sports website and Instagram page @cleatsandcleavage.

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Its tagline, "We Make Sports Sexy," really doesn't encapsulate the shenanigans she does on her broadcasts. No, Ava, you just don't make them sexy, you make them NSFW—which we're totally cool with, by the way.

To give you a sample, here's how she delivered the news about Houston Rockets' guard James Harden earning a one game suspension after kicking the King of Cleveland on the nuts. 

We bet you didn't even care about what the hell she was saying. Cucumber slices covering nipples tend to do that to people. Sorry, guys, gravity didn't win this time.

But take note: She's not all gimmicks and nudies. She really knows her stuff and is well-versed at numerous sports including basketball, football, soccer, and MMA, among others. In fact, even CBS Sports Radio acknowledges her sporty mind:

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On the @thedashow in two minutes!!! Tune in! Love Ava Fiore

A photo posted by Cleatsandcleavage👑 (@cleatsandcleavage) on

She can shoot some hoops, too.

She may wear a Manchester United top (or what's left of it) but Ava's heart will forever beat for Liverpool.

Thank Man City! Good luck lads against Barcelona 😘 follow me on Twitter @ cleatscleavage ! ️Love Ava Fiore

A video posted by Cleatsandcleavage👑 (@cleatsandcleavage) on

Of course, she didn't miss out on Super Bowl XLIX...

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And was also really on the lookout for the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. Sorry, Canelo's not fighting on May 2, though.

Ava always start her spiel with "Hey, Loves!" and always end it up with "Ciao" and this little jiggle.

Just a little Sunday morning update loves! Bikini top by @missfanatic ❤️❤️ follow me on Twitter @ cleatscleavage love Ava Fiore

A video posted by Cleatsandcleavage👑 (@cleatsandcleavage) on

Once, she tried delivering the news like normal reporter—dressed and all. Guess what? It ended up like an FHM 100% Hottie feature.

Around here, we celebrate the middle of the work week with the FHM Hump Day Survival. Ava, on the other hand, has her Happy Whipped Cream Wednesday!

She also has a Happy Muff Monday (aka C-String Mondays)!

And a Fruit Roll Up Friday! What's next, All-Naked Sundays?

Sorry, Shaq, Kenny, Charles, and Ernie. Sorry, ESPN guys. Sorry, Riki Flores. But seriously, how can you NOT love a sports recap like this!

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