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Women Describe Our Sex Faces Using Facebook Stickers

We asked girls to send us—via Messenger—the lovemaking expressions their partner makes
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jun 9, 2016
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Do you ever wonder what your face looks like while you're grinding on top? Or when you're on the bottom watching her hips sway faster and faster? Or wait, even better—what's your expression upon finally reaching orgasm?

We know how curious you are—and so are we. That's why FHM asked 10 women to send us—via Facebook Messenger—the perfect sticker to describe their man's pre-, during, and post-sex face.

Here are the hilarious results:

1)  "Pag meron kang ginagawang kakaiba... sarap na sarap..." —Eunice, 26

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2)  "When I'm going down on him, he's like..." —Joyce, 25

3)  "When I'm on top..." —Alyssa, 26

4)  "When he's on top..." —Divine, 27

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5)  "When he can't get it up..." —Kate, 29

6)  "Pag nakapasok na..." —Marie, 25

7)  "When he asks me to swallow..." —Kristina, 28

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8)  "When you come a little earlier..." —Ann, 27

9) "Pag mukhang may double explosion na magaganap. Mukha niya at..." —Sarah, 26

10)  "Pag you know na..." —Trish, 26

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