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There's A Site Called 'How To Make Me Come' Where Women Share Their Orgasm Experiences

We've found the holy grail of sex tips.
| Sep 2, 2015
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The incredibly-named blog How To Make Me Come shares anonymous submissions from women about their orgasm experiences.

To kickstart the project, women were asked: "Imagine you could give this essay to a past or future sexual partner, free of judgment or repercussion. What would you want them to know?"

There are 72 essays on there (and counting). A lot of the advice is useful, but the essays also make for an interesting read. Hit the links to read the full list, and educate yourself on what women actually want.

Here's some of the best quotes…

"I hate that thing when a tongue gets all hard and pointy at the tip. Don't make a dunce cap out of your tongue."

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"Kiss my nipples and tell me they taste sweet…"

"Oral sex is the mecca, it's the feeling to end all feelings."

"Did I come? Are you fucking kidding me? You just tried to weed whack my clit!"

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"Love me like Sting loves Trudy."

"Picture my pussy like a map of Manhattan. When I'm lying on my back, Central Park can be a 'landing strip' and Carnegie Hall is my clit."

"There is nothing more damning than you ignoring the most sensitive spot on a woman…"

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Ben Scott for FHM UK

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