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14 Women Reveal The Dirty Talk They Want To Hear During Sex

Do more than just moan
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jun 29, 2018
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We don’t know about you, but for us, dirty talk makes sex better. Aside from all the moaning and groaning and other sounds that we make, kinky conversations also add excitement to the act. It turns you, your package, and your woman on, as it arouses your mind for one hell of a night.

Sometimes, though, thinking of the right words to say can be quite a challenge. The oohs and aaahs might be enough for some, but if you want to level up your game (or have a deeper connection with your partner), it doesn’t hurt to experiment while in the sack—even if it means being a bit more vocal.

To help you with your dirty talkin’ skills, we asked some women to finally tell us the exact lines they want (and don't want) to hear from us during sex. Take note, gentlemen.

Shower her with compliments (and affirmations)

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“’I love your body. You look sexy.’ Any compliment about how good we look is a turn-on.” – Diane, 30

“Tell me that I smell so nice, that I taste so delicious. Tell me that I make you hard. Believe me, flattery goes a long, long way—whether it’s through calls or texts, and most especially, inside the bedroom.” – Trixie, 24

“I wanna hear na he's really enjoying it so either puro moans or compliments about sa ginagawa ko or sa akin ang gusto ko marinig.” – Bea, 25

“Tell me that you love how tight and juicy I am, and how much you’re enjoying my lady parts.” – Toni, 28

“I know this is so cliché, but lines such as ‘Ang hot mo’ or ‘Ang  sarap mo’ work so damn well.” – Donna, 29

“I’m instantly aroused when he tells me how wet I am and how much he’s enjoying it.”  - Melissa, 26

Don’t sound too manyak and controlling

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“Please, stop saying ‘Chupain mo ko’ over and over again. Seriously, we don’t want to hear that. If you want some oral action, please say it nicely or sweetly.” – Grace, 27

Ayoko yung inuutusan ako, better yung pakiusap style. Lagyan niyo naman ng konting lambing.” – Desiree, 26


Meanwhile, some girls like being coddled

“I like it when he calls me ‘good girl.’ It’s so sexy. It gets me going like every time.” – Erika, 31

“I’m the submissive type, so making me call him ‘daddy’ turns me on.” – Isa, 29

Make her feel wanted

“Three words: ‘I want you.’ The ‘I want you inside me right NOW’ (emphasis on the 'now') line works as well. Women love the feeling of being desired. It makes me feel so hot and excited.” – Desiree, 28

Keep it natural

“Please, don’t sound so robotic or scripted. Keep it natural, just like the way we converse in person. We know when you’re trying too hard.” – Sheena, 22

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“Sometimes, it’s not what you say but how you say it. You can be commanding if your partner is the submissive type; or sweet and respectful when she’s dominant. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment—talk fast, talk slow, you’ll eventually feel what works by observing how your lady reacts. And lastly, make sure your body reflects your dirty talking!” – Anna, 28

Most importantly, listen

“You know the easiest tip? Listen. Mimic what your partner says. Kung ano yung sinasabi niya, malamang, yun yung gusto niya ring marinig from you.” – Sandra, 26

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