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REAL TALK: 12 Women Share The Hottest Thing Their Boyfriends Did In Bed

Think of this as a host of helpful tips if you want to get really creative (and proof that the fairer sex like it kinky, too!)
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Jan 25, 2016
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If you think women don't like kinky stuff, you are dead wrong.

Just because they aren't as vocal as guys are about getting naughty and dirty in bed doesn't mean they aren't interested in doing it.

The co-author of the study Women's Sexual Behaviors May Be Closer To Men's Than Previously Thought, Terri Fisher, explains that: "Women are sensitive to social expectations for their sexual behavior and may be less than totally honest when asked about their behavior in some survey conditions."

This brings us to today's edition of the FHM GF Manual. We reached out to real women aged 20 to 29 and asked them this:

"What is the hottest thing your boyfriend (or exes) has done for you in the bedroom?"

Check out their responses below. Think of this as a host of helpful tips if you want to get creative and proof that the fairer sex can really be naughty, too.

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1) Don'
t fail to surprise her

"We didn't see each other for a couple of weeks because I have to go home in the province. When I arrived in Manila, I went straight to his house kasi miss na daw niya ako. Nong nakita niya ako, niyaya agad niya ako sa kwarto niya and surprised me with a new sex position."  —JANE, 22

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2) Take advantage of her flexibility

"Nilagay niya 'yong paa ko sa shoulders niya while having sex. Super satisfied ako kasi pasok na pasok!"KAT, 24

3) Visit X-rated sites together

"We watched porn before having sex. It's great kasi you'll both get ideas (on) how to satisfy your partner." —CAMILLE, 27

4) Make breakfast count

"My boyfriend once woke me up by playing with my pussy. Sobrang good ang morning kasi I've always wanted him to do that. As a price, I went on top." —ELLA, 23

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5) As that Katy Perry song goes: Raaaawrrrr!

"When he moaned. I rarely hear him do that. Pasok lang kasi ng pasok. It's important for me to see some signs na nasasatisfy ko si boyfriend." —DANICA, 21


6) Fap when she's around

"The sexiest thing he has ever done is to masturbate in front of me before doing the deed. Nakakaturn-on kapag nakikita ko 'yong mukha niya na gigil and satisfied. Makes me want to play mine, too." —AYRA, 25

7) Make her feel good

"Biting my shoulders habang nag do-dog style. It's like letting me know na ang sarap ko at nakakagigil ako."ELAINE, 28

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8) Mo Twister knows…

"He insisted to record a video while we are having sex. At first, I was hesitant because ang dami dami ng kumakalat na sex scandal. Baka mamaya mangyari din sa akin 'yon. But I don't want to make him (feel) bad kaya sabi ko pagbibigyan ko siya once lang. After namin magsex, we watched the video together. Ang hot! Nakaka-L! We still do that now." —RIZZA, 20

9) Take tips from movies you've watched

"Bondage right after we watched 50 Shades Of Grey." —MELISSA, 24

10) Don't forget to use toppings

"I was wondering at first bakit niya ako pinag-sheshave. 'Yun pala he has come up with an idea: strawberries and whip cream. I totally loved it. He put some on my boobs down to my vagina tapos ni-lick niya. What's sexier than that is pinayagan niya ako to spread whip cream on his dick when I gave him heads." —TALA, 26

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11) Please don't try this at school...or at least be very careful!

"This was way back in high school. Ang dismissal namin 3:00 p.m. pero tumatamabay kami ng mga friends ko and their boyfriends sa school. Bumili sila lahat ng snack so kami lang ni boyfriend naiwan sa classroom. His fingers were running through my legs tapos hinihipan niya tenga ko. Of course, nadala ako. Sabi ko sa kanya punta kaming bahay nila pero hindi na daw niya kaya. Binuhat niya ako tapos nag quickie kami sa likod ng door. Every single second of it, my heart was pumping but I think that's fun and at the same time sexy." —CLAIRE, 25

12) Don't stop 'til she drops

"I can't forget when he continued to pleasure me even (if) he came na and he was so weak." —JANINE, 23

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