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World Teachers' Day: An Ode to the Babes Who Know Their Stuff

Good times, good times
by Mikey Agulto | Oct 7, 2013
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Go give your favorite professor (the one who said "screw it" and gave you a passing grade) a belated shout out on Facebook, because the world celebrated World Teachers' Day last weekend! See, we're sentimental like that.

Recognized every fifth of October, WTD commemorates our educators and represents our awareness, understanding, and appreciation for their contribution to society. Their profession is as noble as it gets, and we will be forever grateful to the knowledge they imparted to us (we still remember some of it!). Oh, and thanks for not asking where we went or what we did during those extended bathroom breaks!

So guys, you go do that Facebook thing. We on the other hand are paying homage to FHM Nation's equivalent of a teacherthe sex gurus, the women decoders, and the master debaters. These are the sexy professors who taught us how to be cum laudes and valedictorians in the game of love, sex, and dating; the guidance counselors who listened and answered our every query in the bedroom. Don't you wish all student-teacher relationships are like this?

Today is the day we give them the lovin' they deserve. Scroll down to proceed!

Thank you, Teacher Abby, for pointing out that girls like to drink with us or act drunk toward us because they actually want us to take advantage of them. And that when it comes to penises, the girth can make up for the lack of length since girls like it when it hurts from time to time. And that it's still okay for guys to wear swimming trunks over board shorts, because some girls actually like it "bakat." Much like yourself, you've given us the confidence to go all the way!

Abby Poblador

Thank you, Teacher Jahziel, for pointing out that girls get double the orgasm at the mere thought of having sex in public. And that when it comes to having a threesome, it's common courtesy to reach climax with our actual partner instead of the invited third party, because the last thing we want is our lady love feeling insecure after sex. And that at the end of the day, girls still prefer a guy's intimacy over a sex toy's guaranteed pleasure. With you around, we've learned how to think out of the box!

Jahziel Manabat
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