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FHM Helps You Survive Hump Day: Why The World's Sexiest Women Are Pinays!

Here's proof that the world's sexiest women are from the PH!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Jun 25, 2014
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Here's a question: What do you think is the sexiest nationality in the world? According to the travel website Miss Travel, the Brazilians are the bestest at being sexy! Rounding out the top 10 are the women of Russia, Colombia, UK, Philippines, Spain, Australia, Bulgaria, South Africa, and Canada. Oh hey, we made the list!

Would you believe it? Pinays are ranked as the fifth sexiest in the world! We know it's already an impressive feat, and not that we're complaining, but how come we're not Number One? Are Brazilians really hotter than Filipinas? Have the people who voted in this poll seen Marian Rivera or Ellen Adarna? Have they been to #Laboracay? Have they taken a peek at one of our FHM 100% Hottie galleries? We demand a recount!

And to further support our claim, and for this week's FHM Hump Day Survival tool, we give you a bunch of reasons why the world's sexiest women are really from our country!

1) Pinays and #LaBoracay are a match made in heaven

The primary use of your sunnies when you're at #LaBoracay isn't really to shield your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun, but to hide your manyak stares from the unsuspecting ladies! 

All foreign dude wanted was proof that he partied with the sexiest babes that night.

2) This is how Pinays do pool parties

#FHMBikiniHeaven: Best Pool Party Eveeeer!

Getting wet is always a priority!

#FHMBikiniHeaven: Best Pool Party Eveeeer!

Let's not forget their the bouncing beach balls, of course!

3) This is how Pinays eat pizza

Because of you, Divine Maitland-Smith, we now wish to become a pepperoni in our next life.

NEXT: Hot skater chicks!

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