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Beyond BDSM: The World’s Weirdest Fetishes!

There's a fetish for everything, but these are the sickest!
by Cia Juan | Jun 2, 2014
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Think BDSM or the human centipede are extreme? You probably haven’t heard of these disturbing paraphilias.

According to the Diagnostic And Statistical Manual For Mental Disorders IV, a paraphilia is an intense sexual arousal to a thing or situation that others don’t normally find arousing. Sure, everyone has unique sexual preferences, but to be diagnosed with a paraphilia (a psychological disorder), your sexual addiction to the unusual object must last for at least six months and must be so intense that it causes impairment in relationships, career, and other important areas of life.

Technically, fetishism (arousal by non-living objects) is just one kind of paraphilia. Other well-known paraphilias include pedophilia, sadism, and masochism. Below are the more unbelievable but true-to-life cases. See if you got any of them:


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Let’s call this #Forn, the type of bondage in which a person is used as a furniture (e.g.  Human Drafting Tables, Human Lazy Susans, and Human Shelving). It’s an extreme form of bondage because the submissive person is usually tightly bound for a prolonged period and is expected to wear a gag with the risk of being smothered. Sooo evil!


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This is the nearly impossible obsession for sticking one’s schlong into one’s own rectum. WTF! Yes, it’s possible, and only a few very special people can do it. You can tell them to “go fuck yourself” and they’ll do it, literally.  


This is the #pasimple way of masturbating in public. Sacofricosis is making a hole in one’s pockets to satisfy an uncontrollable need to fondle his (it occurs among males) manoy. Guys, you may be unintentionally guilty of “reaching for coins” in your pocket to scratch that itch sometimes, but if symptoms persist, consult your psychiatrist. Para-paraan!

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They say sex in dangerous situations (e.g. getting caught in a public place) is more intense, but this one puts “danger” to the extreme. Symorophilia is when you get sexually aroused by seeing or staging accidents or disasters like car crash, fire, or typhoon. Anyone here got aroused by Yolanda? Unbelievable.

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This is environmentalism taken too far. Dendrophiliacs would rather fudge trees than humans. 


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This is having sex with a bird, the literal bird. Now that’s fowl!


Next time your jowa acts like a kid, you can call him or her autonepiophiliac! It’s when people dress and act like babies because they find it arousing. Breastmilk-lovers, #alamna!

NEXT: Lola lovers and people getting off from being robbed!

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