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7 Bedroom Moves You Think Are Sexy That Women Actually Hate

Quit it!
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Mar 28, 2017
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Women lie. This is especially true when it comes to sex. Sometimes, they think it’s the best way to protect the ego of their partners. Maybe if men didn't have such fragile egos, the opposite sex would be more open to communicating their bedroom wants and needs.  

“Women might decide that sex is not worth confronting their partners about, especially when it might mean a loss of warmth or intimacy in other areas of their lives,” explains Dr. Tyler Ong, PsyD, MS, a Cebu-based psychologist.

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Some women, however, don’t want to talk about the issue because of the fear of being judged. Dr. Ong says: “Most women think it’s not socially acceptable to talk about sexual desires or that bringing it up may just distance them from their partners.”

This brings us to today’s edition of Real Talk. We summoned the courage to ask seven women to share with us some sex moves that instantly kill their mood. Time to take some notes, gents. 

“I don’t like it when my partner’s completely silent during sex. Are you enjoying yourself? Do you like what I’m doing? Are you bored? Give me some kind of vocal clues. I like knowing that you’re having a good time.”—Jenny,27

“I hate it when he asks me to get on top and when he tries to control me, expecting my movements to be the same as his. With our important parts located in different spots, and my legs having to be spread wider, I don't like doing the same thing you do when you're on top.”—Carla,24

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“Grabbing my boobs so hard that it hurts. Man, they are body parts, not stress balls.”—Ella,21


“‘Accidentally inserting the penis in my anus. That’s not how you initiate anal sex. It hurts like hell, and instantly kills the mood for me. So unless I’m telling you that I want it in the bum, don’t put it in there.”—Crystal,25

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“When everything is going just right, and he takes that as a signal to jump up and switch positions. ‘Don't stop’ means continue doing exactly what you’re doing.”—Kristine,28

“Spitting. Just because you see it in porn doesn’t mean it’s acceptable. I’ve never known a girl who didn’t hate that. There are cheap lubricants in the market.”—Hanna,23

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“I hate it when my partner pushes my head during oral. Placing your hands gently on my head and even grabbing my hair is fine. But don’t push. I’m stopping at a certain point for a reason. I will throw up on you if you keep pushing. Also, please don’t refuse to kiss me after I’ve gone down on you.”—Kim,26

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