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You are a perfect singer!

Because we all like listening to women’s  "concerns"

by Ronjay Eduvas | Sep 29, 2010
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I recently went out with the husband of my kabarkada, which we usually do without malice. We met at the mall, watched a movie, and then decided to do videoke at one of the KTV bars in the city.

We started dancing and unknowingly, we were already caressing each other. Since we were both tipsy, he started kissing me on the neck, wrapped his hands around my waist then started caressing my butt. I felt so horny that I gave in. We kissed inside the KTV room. He touched my breasts under my blouse as we danced. Then I turned around, both of us faced the mirror, then from behind he started licking my neck. He slowly started putting his finger inside my pussy while I was singing. It really felt so hot that I found myself moaning with the microphone. He decided to fuck me from behind, sitting down with me on top.

We were at our peak when suddenly one of the staff of the KTV arrived asking if we were going to extend the time. The staff didn’t notice but I was still on top of him, we said we’d extend. As soon as the staff left, we continued to fuck. It was really good that we had two more rounds.
Bunny, from FHM.com.ph

PHOTO FROM FHM.com.ph's Pole Positions

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