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You Might Be Micro-Cheating—You Just Don't Know It Yet

Apparently, sending flirty emojis is already a sign of unfaithfulness
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jan 16, 2018
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Are you familiar with the Distracted Boyfriend Meme?

The viral meme is an example of the newest trend which is tearing couples apart—it's called micro-cheating.

“Micro-cheating is a series of seemingly small actions that indicate a person is emotionally or physically focused on someone outside their relationship," world-renowned dating expert Melanie Schilling shared in her website

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Apparently, micro-cheating is the thin line between flirting and being friendly. For example, in the Distracted Boyfriend Meme, someone who believes in micro-cheating being will tell you that the dude's act of looking at the other lady can already be considered as philandering.

“If you are conducting a 'covert flirtation' and keeping it from your partner, that’s micro-cheating,” Schilling adds.  

Furthermore, experts say that micro-cheating has become more rampant (and has caused mistrust that eventually leads to break-up) thanks to the world of social media. How? According to psychologist Martin Graff, it all starts when your significant other shows a little too much “digital interest” in someone else. 

“It can be something as simple as repeatedly ‘liking’ someone’s posts on Instagram or commenting on someone’s Facebook,” Graff says in an interview with Telegraph. “So much of human relationships has moved online.”


We don’t know about you, but we’re getting paranoid AF. If you’re unsure whether you are (or your) partner) is cheating, here are other subtle signs that you should look out for:

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1) Messaging someone without your partner’s knowledge

"Secrecy is the tell-tale sign," Schilling said. If you feel you have something to hide, you probably have a reason for that.

2) Messaging your ex-partner

Even if it’s harmless as “Happy birthday!” or “Kumusta?,” sending a message to your former flame might lead to other more intimate exchanges. 

3) Sending flirty emojis like hearts or kisses

Better save those cheesy GIFs, sparkly hearts, and flying kisses for your partner only. Even reacting “heart” to that chick’s new profile picture can be perceived as disloyal. 

4) Regularly checking someone else’s social media profiles

Why would you check someone else’s Facebook and Instagram accounts on the reg if you’re not interested? Just make sure you clear your Search History (or better yet, just don’t do this).

5) Sharing private jokes with someone else

Unless it’s with your guy friends, sharing a private joke with someone else might mean that you have this special connection. Your girlfriend wouldn’t like that. Trust us.

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6) Constantly talking to someone else other than your partner

If you tend to share memes, videos, or stories more with someone else other than your partner, you better evaluate your actions. What's worse is when you talk about your relationship problems with this person.  

7) Being extra nice to a woman who is not your girlfriend

If you go out of your way just to please a friend, like buying her food, giving her gifts, or bringing her home, these acts can be taken out of context by your lover. 

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