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Want More MOMOL Time With Your Girlfriend? Hide Her Smartphone

'Facebook o ako?!'
by Khatrina Bonagua | Oct 18, 2016
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Sorry to break the bad news, guys, but your girlfriends actually spend more time on their smartphones than they do with you, according to a new study.

A survey conducted by Bausch + Lomb Ultra Contact Lenses and reported by Evening Standard found that women spend an average of 12 hours or more a week checking emails, sending texts, or surfing the Internet on their phones than being with a loved one.

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Researchers also discovered that ladies who are unable to be on their phones tend to get stressed, angry, and even panic-stricken.


Even while they're on their honeymoon, the study shows that women admitted to using their phones more frequently. More than half checked their social media accounts, a quarter opened personal emails, and one in 10 work emails.

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What's worse? A fifth of those surveyed said they would rather not see their partner for a week than have no phone for seven days.

Looks like you've got some tough competition.


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