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The Everyday Guy's Guide To Using Condoms

You could've been doing it all wrong
by Emmanuel Calingacion | Sep 20, 2018
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Here at FHM, we try to live up to being the everyday guy's wingman. We enjoy giving you dudes various tips on a wide range of subjects. And somewhere in between all the grooming, style, and dating info, there's the topic of sex.

Now, sex is such a taboo topic for Filipinos to discuss without eliciting laughter and green jokes. And that’s what’s seriously wrong with it—it shouldn’t be taboo or something to laugh about, especially when it comes to protection and staying safe.

Condoms, of course, are one of the most trusted products for preventing unwanted pregnancies. But the most important thing a condom could do is protect you from the threat of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

A real man always comes prepared, so let us give you a crash course of sorts about the proper way of using condoms. And don’t tell us you don’t want to use them because it decreases sexual pleasure. That’s just plain bullshit, bro.


Find the size that fits your soldier boy.

Basically, your condom shouldn’t be too big (no overcompensating) or too small (skinnies aren’t practical). A condom that is too large can easily slip off, while a condom that's too tight is uncomfortable and could tear accidentally. How well a condom fits depends on your circumference and not your length! Girth is more important, yo.


Unroll the condom before using it.

Unrolling the condom before you put it on your dick will defeat its purpose of getting used to your shape down there. Don’t even try and waste your money on that.


Add lubricants to your condom if necessary.

Guys, sex isn’t just about you and fulfilling your carnal needs--it’s a two-way street, so you have to think about your lady friend as well. And if she says she’s not at ease during your deed, then, by all means, help her out by putting some water-based lubricant for more effortless access. Caring about your lady is part of sex, too.


Reuse your condom.

Using a condom, washing it, then using it again for another sexcapade is not only unhygienic but also impractical. If you can’t afford enough condoms for your high libido, then practice abstinence. That’s better than risking it all for pleasure, and not caring about the consequences like AIDS. Remember: Bawal ang kantot sa taong kuripot! 



Hold the condom in place at the base of your dick before pulling out.

Here’s a common mistake that a lot of guys make. When you finally, uh, come, and want to pull your thang out of her snatch, you should ALWAYS practice holding it in place at the base of your dick as you pull yourself out. If you don’t hold it, there’s a chance that your fluids may leak out and still get your girl pregnant. You don’t want to be a dad just yet, right?


Stash your condoms in your wallet.

Another common practice of guys and girls is that they slip their condoms in their wallets in case an emergency session might happen. No sir! That ain’t right. Opening and closing your wallet can produce friction, thus risking tearing your condom. Aside from that, it’s virtually hot inside your wallet, whether you open it or not. Heat/friction + condom = tear.


Put the condom when you’re erect.

This is pretty obvious, but we’re reiterating this for those who can’t hear at the back. You don’t put the dick jacket on while you’re still limp. Obviously, that’s not the size or stiffness of your dick while you have sex. So you have to get hard before you put one on. Simple, right?


Remove your condom when you’re limp.

Here’s the other side of the coin. Once you’ve ejaculated, you remove the condom (holding it in place at the base) while you’re still erect. Removing it after your dick goes soft is a no-no. Again, that will lead to higher chances of your juice to leak out.

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