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5 Hangover Busters

<p>Something to get you by your love-hate relationship with alcohol</p>
| Nov 6, 2009
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Drinking is a love-hate relationship. You love to drink; you hate the headache the next day. And even if you swear to be booze-free after a totally wasted night, you’ll find yourself in the loving arms of a bar, club, or pub soon after. [firstpara] This vicious cycle is something many of us are all too familiar with. In fact, generations of drinkers from different places (countries even) have passed down traditions on beating the hangover.

But here’s a brutal fact: There’s no instant hangover remedy. No pill to pop can make the headache go away permanently. While aspirin (or ibuprofen) is acommon hangover helper, they give only temporary relief and are medically considered hazardous to the stomach (or liver).

A cold shower, coffee, and exercise—three popular helpers—are considered working placebos, at best. They take your mind off the symptoms that you’ll still feel hours later. Sugary drinks like an orange juice or soda is believed to rev up your metabolism and get the alcohol out of your system faster. However, University of Texas researchers say that you’d need to down at least 10 glasses for this to work. This, of course, will risk raising your blood sugar as well.

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No need to feel hopeless, though. While you can’t beat the hangover instantly, there are effective ways to deal with it. Here’s mapping out five helpers, from least to most effective, to work around the pain and nausea.

1. Water. As you already know, alcohol has diuretic properties. The more you drink, the more you visit the loo. That accounts for the morning-after thirst, headache, and dizziness; they are all by-products of dehydration. The solution: Hydrate. Most suggest chugging down 2 liters as you wake up. You’ll feel bloated for sure, but your body will gradually ease out the symptoms as you replenish lost fluids.


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