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7 Crucial Pointers When Wearing Colorful Sneakers

Too much color could be an eyesore. Here's how you avoid it
by Gelo Gonzales | Aug 28, 2013
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When the first Jordan shoes were worn by His Airness in the '80s, the NBA’s ruling body was up in arms over the darned thing. “Red shoes?! Unacceptable!” the league cried, and then they promptly slapped Jordan with stiff penalties every time he wore them.

We wonder how the old NBA would react if they saw the basketball shoes of today. The Jordan I’s red-and-black combo looks virginal compared to what players wear now. Case in point: the adidas Crazyquick, the current basketball flagship for the brand with the three stripes.

                                   The blue-silver-orange colorway is inspired by the colors of the Knicks

adidas recently lent us not just one, but four pairs of the shoe in a variety of colors. While the flashy shoes were pretty, we did wonder how best to pull off wearing them outside the basketball court.

Performance-wise, the Crazyquick are all you’d ask for in a basketball shoe. The fit is very secure from ankle to the tip of the toes; the padding in the ankle is generous; and the slight downward-sloping stance from heel to toe along with the “ribbed” sole pattern made us feel like we were ready to propel ourselves forward at a moment’s notice. We also liked the fact that the outsole of this shoe felt apt for use in both wooden court and cement surfaces unlike the soft outsole found in the Crazylight. The material used on the body also seemed less prone to wrinkling than the Derrick Rose signatures. The shoes, all in all, performed exactly how a flagship should.

Now, we go back to colors. In the basketball court, wild colors are the norm. But off it? Wearing shoes in crazy colorways can break your OOTD. To avoid that, we’ve come up with pointers to ensure that they mesh well with the rest of your outfit.  Check them out below.

1) You can't go wrong with a white shirt

White shirts are an essential part of any wardrobe. These basic items become even more essential if you're planning to regularly wear loud basketball shoes. The plainness of the shirt balances out the boldness of the shoe, and lets your kicks get the most attention. Stay away from the big, loud prints!

      The bright appearance and camo pattern make the "Electricity" colorway easy to see from miles away

2) Gray pieces are also your best buds

Unless you want to look like an attention-starved K-Pop star, you might want to stay away from brightly colored accessories. Your sneakers are already brightly colored, so to prevent you from sticking out like a sore thumb, go for gray pieces that balance things out.

3) Avoid colored pants completely

Yes, we understand that you're aching to wear those newly-bought mustard jeans. But do you really want to wear them with your purple shoes? More important, do you want to look like some character in a 5-year-old kid's coloring book? Not even two white shirts worn at the same time can balance the overload of colors happening down below.

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