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8 Fitness Excuses We're All Tired Of Hearing (And How To Beat Them)

Because you're never too busy to break a sweat
by Marjorie Duran | Sep 24, 2017
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Some people suck at getting in shape simply because they’re really good at making excuses to ditch workouts and disregard diet plans.

Surely, we’ve heard all the alibis for skipping training session—from “I don’t have enough time” to “I’m injured”—and even probably used a few ourselves. 

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To help you avoid falling into the trap of your long list of “fitness excuses” (anew), we’ve decided to make a list of them—the lame, the inevitable, and the understandable—then consulted Aldrich “Spike” Nicdao, PTRP, Fitness Institute of Australia Certified Fitness Coach and Functional Fitness-Makati Program Manager, to suggest ways to overcome any exercise excuse you have in mind.

Stop justifying your sluggishness and prepare to get motivated.

Excuse #1: 'I don't have enough time'

This excuse has to be one of the most frequently used alibis. But come on, we all know that “I don’t have time” is a big fat lie; and if you still tell yourself this, then you’re lying to yourself.

While it can be challenging to sneak in a workout in your daily routine, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible because as Nicdao put it: it’s not about having time but about making time. Whether at home or at work, you can still burn calories.

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At home: doing simple exercises or stretching is better than doing nothing at all. “Try to do something that will require you to move—clean the house or walk around the house for a few minutes,” he says.

The same goes if you’re at work: “set an alarm at least every two hours then stand up and do something; You can walk for 10-15 minutes around your office, or if possible, you perform at least 10-15 squats every time you hear the alarm,” he explains.

Excuse #2: 'I don't have money for a gym membership'

Going to the gym is not the only way to chase the pounds away or build muscle mass. Go for a run or work out at the comfort of your home, Nicdao advises. As long as you have the time, the world is your oyster.

“I would suggest an early morning run to jump-start your day. It’s free. If you want to lose weight, you can try to do it with an empty stomach because the energy that you will be using for the run will come from the food you consumed the night prior, and it’s the best calorie-burner,” Nicdao says.

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You can also resort to working out at home through dancing or by simply doing the household chores.

Excuse #3: 'I'm embarrassed to exercise'

Perhaps you’re too conscious that people will notice you, especially if you’re overweight, or you’re just simply afraid to look stupid while exploring new machines at the gym.

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If that’s the case, then stay at home and just download workout videos online that you can follow. “Find a place where no one can bother you but make sure that it’s safe and that you follow fitness routines that suit your fitness level,” say Nicdao.

Excuse #4: 'I don't want to exercise alone'

While some would love to be isolated, others are more likely to lose motivation without someone to push them to go the extra mile in their workouts.

According to Nicdao, the best thing to do is to find a workout buddy—ask your family for a weekend run or invite your partner for a training session in the gym. Training with a group does not only increase motivation but also increases consistency.


Excuse #5: 'I don't enjoy my workout'

There are over a thousand fitness activities out there. The solution here is really simple: if you’re not enjoying your current workout, then try other activities, says Nicdao.

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He adds, “Choose a workout that makes you happy kasi hindi ka tatagal doing a particular routine kapag napipilitan ka lang. You should strive to make fitness a lifestyle, kaya dapat find a workout na you can see yourself doing for the rest of your life.”

Excuse #6: 'Blame it on my genes!'

If you’re born to overweight parents and your family members are also on the heavy side, shouldn’t it give you more reasons to train harder?

Yes, it may be extra challenging for some to make a dent in the scale, but genetics shouldn’t be used as an excuse for your disregard for fitness.

“Always ask yourself this: Tatangapin ko na lang bang mataba ako dahil tabain ang pamilya ko or I’ll improve myself to be healthy? It all boils down to your choice. If you’re serious about getting fit, kahit sabihin mong tabain ka, mag-e-exercise ka, and in the long run, gaganda ang katawan mo. So hindi dapat sinisisi ang genes if you’re not healthy,” Nicdao relates.

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Excuse #7: 'I keep getting injured,' 'I don't know how to do it'

If you can’t do it right, then it’s about time you seek professional help by hiring a personal fitness coach. Not only can you avoid injuries but you can also have a workout routine specifically made for you. Thus, allowing your body to improve quickly.

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Remember: don’t just go after fitness coaches without scrutinizing their qualifications. “You should hire a coach with a certification, and better if he’s also a physical therapist, para mas sure kang alam niya ang ginagawa niya at maaalagaan ka talaga.”

Excuse #8: 'I'll start tomorrow'

If you catch yourself uttering “I’lll do it tomorrow,” take it as a cue to find a reason why you need to workout in the first place, says Nicdao.

Why start tomorrow if you can do it now?


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