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Add 'The Ferocious' Round Kick To Your Self-Defense Arsenal

Edward Kelly teaches his record-breaking technique
by FHM Staff | Jun 16, 2018
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It only took 21 seconds of the first round for Edward “The Ferocious” Kelly to dispatch of Meas Meu at the One Championship: Global Superheroes last January 26 setting a record for the fastest knockout in One Championship featherweight history. His weapon of choice? The round kick!

Want to learn how to execute this highly effective technique? Let Edward Kelly break it down for you.

Begin at ready position by standing with your weight equally distributed between your two feet.

Shift your weight to your lead leg and pivot on your lead foot.

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Raise your rear knee swinging it forward in a circular/lateral motion.

As your kicking leg moves towards your centerline...

extend your knee so that your shin bone or instep hits the target.

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Recover by bending your knee and fixing your posture.

Use the momentum to swing your kicking leg back to ready position.

 Photography: Mark Jesalva

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